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Company News About Iris recognition access control application field
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Iris recognition access control application field

Latest company news about Iris recognition access control application field

The rapid development of economy and science and technology has brought about the acceleration of urbanization. This is accompanied by a stronger demand for the safety of life and property.




The access control system, as the first barrier in the closed area, has gradually improved in the direction of digitalization, networking and integration with the development of science and technology and the growth of demand, not only as a tool for access management, but also to assist the internal orderly management. From small rooms in individual houses to public transportation such as railways and aviation, access control systems provide security protection functions for individuals and collectives in various scenarios and fields through different authentication methods.


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Iris recognition is unique, its accuracy far exceeds the widely used fingerprint recognition and face recognition, and the iris from birth to 8 months, since the lifetime unchanged, this unparalleled stability, so that iris recognition technology can not be subject to the age of the identified, appearance and other changes, still can accurately identify the identity of the person; Iris recognition only needs to look at the device to complete the collection or comparison, without contact, and photos or videos can not replace the living body for recognition, so iris recognition is considered to be the 21st century biometric recognition method second only to DNA.


The access control system using iris recognition authentication technology is mostly used in the field of high security, confidentiality, strong authentication or other biometric authentication technology, the following aspects of the analysis of the application of iris recognition access control.


Coal mining industry


Due to the particularity of coal mining work, ordinary biometric authentication technology such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. can not guarantee its recognition rate and work performance in the mine, in the well to eliminate the bad phenomenon of punching card, fake working hours and false wages, iris recognition access control will be a good solution to the problem of uniqueness and convenience.




Medical industry


In infectious disease wards, operating rooms and other places with high clean needs, because medical personnel wear protective clothing or clean clothing and wear masks, traditional access control and face recognition access control have their inconvenient aspects when passing through some important channels, but multi-mode iris recognition access control can be a good balance between convenience and security.




opticsIris is a national high-tech enterprise with complete independent intellectual property rights of the core algorithm of iris recognition, and its iris recognition algorithm is the world's leading level, and it is also the only supplier of iris recognition chips in the world.


The company has completed the industrial chain layout from algorithms, chips, modules, terminal equipment, solutions and cloud platforms, and the company's business focuses on biological national security, public security, homeland security, Internet of things and other fields.