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Secure Access Control: Hard Chip Processing, Iris Recognition, Widely Used

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HOMSH
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: D30
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiated
Delivery Time: 5-8 work day
Payment Terms: T/T
Detail Information
Product Model: D30 Product Size(L*W*H): 222*182*45mm
Display Screen: 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen, Resolution 1280*800pixel Camera: Iris :2MP Face 2MP
Working Distance: Iris :35~ 50cm, Face :35~100cm Identification Mode: Iris, Face, Password, IC Card (optional)
Adaptive Height Range: 1.4~1.9m User Capacity: Iris: 10,000 People, Face: 10,000 People, IC Card: 10.000
Average Recognition Time: Iris<1.5s, Face <1.5s Communication Mode: TCP/IP
Other Interface: DC/RJ45/RS-485/ Wiegand Output/Door Lock/door Switch /USB2.0 Operating Ambient Temperature: -10℃~55°C
Working Ambient Humidity: 0 To 93%RH, Non-condensing Mode Of Use: Wall Mounting

Hard Core Iris Access Control


Iris Access Control False Eye Prevention


iris scanner access control RJ45

Product Description

Iris Access Control Device: Identity Recognition, Hard-Core Chip, False Eye Prevention



Iris face access control machine is a support iris, face, password, IC card (optional) and other authentication access control equipment, support lens automatic pitch, can adapt to different height people. The device adopts 7-inch touch display screen, all-metal shell structure, intelligent operation voice prompt and intuitive user interface, which can be widely used in access control security control and identity recognition in smart residential areas, intelligent buildings, public security, finance, medical care, education and other fields.




1. Equipped with iris recognition technology autonomous iris recognition algorithm Phaselris™ and the world's first hardcore dedicated iris recognition intelligent chip Qianxin™;


2. Algorithm performance in line with the national standard "Information Security technology iris recognition system function to core algorithm performance" (GB/T20979-2019);


3. The device uses a hard-core chip for front-end comparison processing to achieve offline recognition comparison. Biometric image preprocessing, image coding and image coding and encryption are all completed on the hard-core dedicated biometric chip to ensure the data security of iris information before transmission;


4. With live detection (completed on the core dedicated chip for iris recognition), completely eliminate the registration and recognition of false eyes


5. Support iris, face, password, CPU card (optional) and other ways to open the door;


6. The lens supports automatic Angle adjustment to adapt to people of different heights;


7. Use 7-inch capacitive touch display, visual graphical interface operation and intelligent voice prompt;


8. Using human eye tracking iris natural color display technology, perfect interactive experience




Product model


Product size (L*W*H)


Display screen

7 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution 1280*800pixel


Iris :2MP, face 2MP

Working distance

Iris :35~ 50cm, face :35~100cm
Identification mode Iris, face, password, IC card (optional)

Adaptive height range


User capacity

Iris: 10,000 people, face: 10,000 people, IC card: 10,000

Average recognition time

Iris≤1.5s, face ≤1.5s

False Acceptance Rate ( FAR)

Iris :10 -7, face :10-4

False Rejection Rate(FRR)

Iris :10 -3, face :10-3
Infrared safety standard Compliant with American standard ANSI RP-271-96 compliant with EU standard IEC/EN62471
Core algorithm performance "Information Security technology iris recognition system Technical requirements" GB/T20979-2019

Iris image quality

Comply with the national standard GB/T33767.6-2018 iris image data

Communication mode


Other interface

DC/RJ45/RS-485/ Wiegand output/Door lock/door switch /USB2.0

Operating ambient temperature


Working ambient humidity

0 to 93%RH, non-condensing

Working environment light intensity

0~6000Lux(non-direct sunlight)

Supply voltage

DC 12V@3A

Mode of use

Wall mounting




D30 can be widely used in smart residential areas, intelligent buildings, public security, finance, medical care, education, airport and other fields of access control security control and identity recognition.


Secure Access Control: Hard Chip Processing, Iris Recognition, Widely Used 0

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